1989 Hall of Fame Inductee Philip M. Klutznick, Our First Member


First Inductee Philip Klutznick, internationally recognized for his economic, humanitarian and civic contributions, was the guiding force behind the creation of the nation's first planned suburban community. He served in the administrations of seven American presidents and was a long-time leader in the Jewish community. An expert in public housing endeavors, he also held the rank of Ambassador to the UN Economic and Social Council. As a real estate developer in the Chicago area, Mr. Klutznick spearheaded the development of the Old Orchard, Oak Brook and River Oaks shopping centers and Water Tower Place in addition to Park Forest. At his induction ceremony in July 1989, Mr. Klutznick reminisced that his family was among the first settlers in Park Forest and they stayed for six years as the town was being built. He said of the village he helped create, "I've always felt Park Forest to be one of my children--it always will be. I got more pleasure out of being here than any place I've lived." Mr. Klutznick died August 14, 1999, in Chicago.