Park Forest Audiotape Collection

This list of audiotapes the Park Forest Historical Society Program possesses can be found at the Archive office. Click on the PDF to view the list.

These audiotapes cover various events and interviews including:

  1. The Park Forest Hall of Fame Induction
  2. Larry McClellan HUD and Park Forest South
  3. Jane Nicoll T.A.L.E. Tape (1 and 2)
  4. Carroll Sweet Jr. Rotary Luncheon
  5. Carroll Sweet OH! Interview Tape (1, 2, and 3)
  6. Anna Leweling Interview, Henry Leweling Tape (1 and 2)
  7. Celebrating Marshall Fields
  8. 5th Annual Up Front and at Home
  9. Community
  10. How Integration Came to Park Forest
  11. 6th Annual Up Front and at Home
  12. 7th Annual Up Front and at Home
  13. Dr. Charles E. Gavin Foundation History
  14. Park Forest Historical Society Trustees and Officials Reunion
  15. Reflections and Accomplishments of Park Forest African Americans
  16. Park Forest Historical Society Annual Meeting-Elaine Brownlee on PFHS Website
  17. Gregory Randall Book Signing for "America's Original GI Town"
  18. The Sauk Trail Indians
  19. Park Forest Historical Society Steering Committee, and many more.

*Note: While scrolling in the PDF, the information will continue on to new pages.